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Barry Wooley

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Barry Wooley has practiced his craft based on the core belief that when people beautify their surroundings, their lives improve in ways that extend far beyond redecorating a home or office.

A lifestyle designer, Barry creates environments and moods to assist his clients to live well without necessarily spending a fortune.

Barry Wooley Designs

      Years ago, I hesitated to say that I discovered my passion for design when I was 10 years old because I thought that sounded trite. Now, I’m proud to say that my passion has literally transformed people’s lives.

      I fell in love with color when I was in fifth grade and convinced my mother to paint our kitchen sunlight orange. It wasn’t long before I realized that colors, textures, lighting and a plethora of design elements could reveal a world of endless, exciting possibilities.

      I’m inspired by people’s stories. Those stories, which can unfold over time, are unique and fascinating. I believe homes should be equally unique and fascinating. For every project, my design goal is to tell a story that evolves from wall to wall, room to room.  

      Good design is attractive and intriguing. But, I believe our clients deserve more. My aspirational design for everyday living engages the senses, energizes the spirit and nurtures the soul.


Barry Wooley
Founder, President and CEO
Barry Wooley Designs


The two-person small business Barry Wooley established in 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky, has burgeoned into a nationally-renowned firm. As clients in the Metropolitan Louisville area referred their friends and business associates to Barry Wooley Designs, the company has been fortunate to showcase projects in California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and the Caribbean. Wooley and his partner, Jude Loew, Vice President and Creative Director of the company, reside in New Albany, Indiana, located across the Ohio River from Louisville.

Wooley is now the creative force that that spearheads the work of 20 staff involved in extraordinary residential and commercial spaces. In addition, his vision is displayed in his designs for luxury student housing, a medical facility, a television station, a restaurant and a country club. The Resort at Hodges Bay, Antigua, is a pre-eminent example of his ability to capture the essence of sumptuous design.

His experience, long-established relationships with major vendors and skilled artisans, and extensive resource library enable him to design highly individualized spaces on fabulously realistic budgets.

Wooley’s expertise coalesces in a portfolio that features innovative new construction and remarkable renovations. Melding aesthetics with functionality, his projects range from sophisticated to subtle to bold to whimsical to casually elegant.

His curated collection of furniture for Hillsdale Furniture has received accolades from designers and the public for its singular style and superb craftsmanship. As he continues to expand his proprietary lines of other furniture, as well as textiles, lighting and accessories, he is increasingly tapped as a media resource for trend forecasting, design commentary and editorial content.

Articles about or authored by him have appeared in hundreds of newspapers, journals and magazines. He is a frequent guest on television programs, including those on the Louisville affiliates of NBC, CBS and the Fox Network. He hosted a regular segment on The Home Zone on Louisville’s CW Network and launched his own program, “Artful Living with Barry Wooley,” sponsored by Lowe’s, Owens-Corning, Sherwin William and HOME on CW. Currently he is developing a pilot for a national television show.

One of the city’s most active volunteers and participants in non-profit organizations, Wooley is on the Board of Directors of Blessings in a Backpack, Unbridled Eve and Empathy in Action. He is also an ardent supporter of Dare to Care, Feed My Neighbor, Idea Festival, Zoom Group and Neighborhood House. He is the proud recipient of Business First’s Partners in Philanthropy award. Under his leadership, Barry Wooley Designs received the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award, which embodies the BBB’s mission of advancing marketplace trust.

The designer and entrepreneur is writing a design and lifestyle book that will instill the reader with ideas, vision and confidence to embark on new construction or a remodel. Interweaving narrative and photography, the book will demonstrate Wooley’s mastery of mixing aspirational and practical.

“I design to give people pleasure, engage them and invite them to luxuriate in a little bliss. What it takes awhile for some people to learn is that design isn’t about things, it’s about themselves and how they want to live their lives. Once they realize that, they become part of the process. Design isn’t always a start and finish process. It changes with life. That’s why what I do is always invigorating and, many times, awe-inspiring. To be part of someone’s life, that is a blessing for which I am thankful every day,” says Wooley.


      I have designed hundreds of rooms and entire homes since I fell in love with that first orange wall. But, I will always remember the wall because it encouraged me to pursue a dream of a career. I have learned that design is original art, something to be enjoyed and treasured. All of my designs are, indeed, artful living.

Location and Hours

The Portland area, off of 10th Street, is the new home of Barry Wooley Designs’ flagship location. Its convenience to downtown, ample parking and proximity to the areas top restaurants make it a great location for a wonderful shopping experience. The BW Design Team operates out of this hub of creativity.

Operating Hours
Monday - Saturday - 10am to 5pm

Barry Wooley Designs
116 S 10th Street
Louisville, KY 40202-2612



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