Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Taking the leap to paint a room dark is a daring and dramatic design choice, but the best interior design plans are made by taking risks.

Barry Wooley Designs

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

By: Sara Osborne


You might never guess this, but one of the hardest choices to make with a client is there paint color.  We could pick out paint colors all day long, but it can be an overwhelming decision to make on your own.  One of the biggest changes you can make in a room is simply painting the walls but it can be hard for our clients to visualize the end product.  In the realm of paint color options, we find it is hardest to convince a client to paint their walls DARK.  Oftentimes, people assume that dark walls make your space feel smaller than it really is, however that couldn’t be more wrong!


If you’ve been doing your daily interior design trend stalking on Pinterest, Instagram, or design blogs, you may have noticed that people are going more and more bold with their wall colors choices and the decision definitely pays off.  You can easily find lots of inspiration images for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and even kitchens and offices that are painted rich shades of gray, navy, green, and even black.  Benjamin Moore has even recently announced that their pick for Color of the Year is “Shadow 2117-30” which is a deep deep amethyst.


Taking the leap to paint a room dark is a daring and dramatic design choice, but the best interior design plans are made by taking risks.  Paint is only paint, it can easily be changed, might as well take your risks in an area that is relatively risk free!  Although we fully support ANY design risk taking, it makes our little interior designer hearts happy when we get a client that lets us try new and exciting things.


Don’t let the size of your room deter you from using luxurious, saturated colors.  Think about it this way, dark walls blur the lines between walls which actually creates the impression of endless space. Bonus points for painting your baseboards and crown molding dark too, this makes the trim disappear and makes your walls appear even taller.  Adding mirrors, pops of colors, and lighter furnishings will prevent your space from falling flat.  If you’re still feeling intimidated by a darker color, start small.  A smaller room painted in a deep color will create a small jewel box in your home and give you the confidence to keep making bold design choices!!

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