Fashion Inspired Interiors

Fashion Inspired Interiors

Barry Wooley Designs

It may be an unorthodox technique, but it certainly lends itself to a unique result that is specifically YOUR style.

Barry Wooley Designs

Fashion Inspired Interiors

by Skye Squires


For this week’s blog, I decided to have a little fun with an interior design and fashion design mashup! As designer we are inspired by many of our surroundings, but fashion is likely the most influential of all. Think of your favorite accessories or that stunning runway look you just can’t get out of your head. How would you translate that into your interior space? It may be an unorthodox technique, but it certainly lends itself to a unique result that is specifically YOUR style. I have selected a few of pop culture’s most recognized fashion icons to adapt their style into some interior décor guidelines. Let’s see where you land!

Nicole Richie. Better known as the bohemian goddess of fashion, Nicole’s style is delicate, feminine and eclectic. Nature influences much of her look and therefore lends itself to natural elements in home décor. Try using lots of live plants, wicker baskets, macramé wall hangings and wood elements in your accessories. Sofas and lounge chairs should be cozy and inviting with layers of blankets and woven pillows. Bohemian style does not shy away from the use of color either! Bright jewel tones and doughty pastels paired with neutral basics is an easy win for a diverse and relaxing atmosphere. And don’t forget the candles! 🙂

Kate Middleton. Who doesn’t love the tailored elegance of the Duchess of Cambridge? Kate is the epitome of classic chic. Think Ralph Lauren, plaid, traditional furniture, rich color and a few frills layered with masculine patterns. Partner an antique oriental rug with a freshly tufted chesterfield sofa and deep wood toned built in bookcases precisely adorned with vintage encyclopedias, brass statues and an equestrian painting or two. The nostalgic feel of this time honored style never loses popularity and is easily accomplished with select quality pieces.

Rihanna. This, ladies and gents, is your fashion and interior design wildcard. We never know what this bold fashionista is going to show us next, but we can’t take our eyes off her! Likely the style most closely related to my own, the use of graphic patterns, unexpected artwork and fabrics, edgy lighting fixtures and loud wallpaper make for a conversation piece to say the least. For some this can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating to translate into an interior space, but for reference check out the work of world renowned design goddess Kelly Wearstler. There are no bounds in this colorful urban realm of fashion frenzy– old can mix with new, unexpected accessories dichotomized with colorful prints somehow create an overall cohesion. For this style, allow yourself to take joy in the fun and fearless mix of organized chaos!

Dita Von Teese. Think bling! Dita is an old Hollywood diva that exudes sensuality and swank, which can oblige a luxurious dwelling embellished with glitz and glam. Velvets, mohair, and dupioni silks are prime fabrics to enhance your space while still maintaining comfort. Tone on tone metallics and bold yet simple statement prints are perfect for wall coverings, drapes and pillows. Chandeliers dripping with crystals, gold leaf and marble tables and lustful artwork layer beautifully to create a refined room. In this case, more is more!

Victoria Beckham. Last but certainly not least is our minimalist modern idol. Victoria shows intentional restraint in her monochromatic color schemes and a casual sophistication that we can only dream to achieve. Quality craftsmanship is the key to minimal design because there is so little visual movement that we hone our focus in on the finishes. Clean lines, no frills and no fuss make for a serene environment with subtle statements. Large scale muted artwork speaks volumes on neutral painted walls as do thoughtfully designed doors with a hint of industrial. Keep the color palette tight, shapes simple, utilize texture and bring in life through art and plants. Decorate, take a step back and edit.. then edit again. 😉

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