What’s Trending in 2017?

What’s Trending in 2017?

Barry Wooley Designs

As a designer, our job is all about creating a space that makes your life easier, more beautiful, and specifically “YOU”.

Barry Wooley Designs

What’s Trending in 2017?

by Sara Osborne


Hey guys, who’s ready for something NEW in the new year?  Here’s a brief overview of what I anticipate as some trends for 2017.  I think people will be personalizing their homes more than ever, continuing to blend their interior and exterior spaces, AND some major trends will still come to light thanks to the influence of social media on design styles.


  1. Personalization is everything. This while be a defining factor in home décor trends of 2017.  People constantly want to take their décor one step further and it doesn’t get any better than being able to customize products for their own home.  This could range from ordering your sofa in a very specific custom shade of marigold mohair, to finding a specific image that is turned into a custom area rug.  This trend will reach the construction world as well.  People love the idea of putting small touches around their home that are specifically for them.  Are you and your significant other really tall? Why not build your island a little taller during your kitchen renovation.  As a designer, our job is all about creating a space that makes your life easier, more beautiful, and specifically “YOU”.


  1. Bring the outdoors in. This is, by no means, a NEW idea.  It’s popularity will only continue to grow in 2017.  Perfect example:  Pantone’s Color of the Year is “Smack You Upside The Face Lime Green” (don’t get me started on that color, though…).  I prefer to suggest blending your exterior and interior spaces by installing some beautifully modern bi-fold glass walls that you can open completely to really enjoy the outdoors.  Doesn’t sound amazing with the current Kentucky weather of rain/sleet/snow/back to rain, but I guarantee it will be a hit at your next summer entertaining soiree.  On a smaller budget? Try a succulent arrangement or an indoor tree.  My favorites are lemon trees and the, ever-so-popular, fiddle leaf fig tree.


  1. Get inspired on social media. Design trends spread rapidly fast nowadays thanks to social media platforms like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram. This has a huge influence on home styling, because it allows people to delve into their personal stylistic preferences.  We love when clients come to us and say things like “I saw this amazing lacquered ceiling on Pinterest, can we do that??”  It makes high-end design way more accessible to the masses. Social media is also the perfect tool for showing off your own home.  Whether you’re a DIYer or have been working with a designer, post pics and get OTHER people equally as inspired.  Next time you’re on Instagram, check out #IHaveThisThingWithFloors and you’ll find 464,651 examples of a trend that has taken off.  Statement flooring, whether it’s dramatic cement tiles, or beautifully worn antique herringbone hardwood, is having a MAJOR moment right now!  I’ll warn you, you might want to put a time limit on your Instagram stalking; you do have SOME things you need to get done today 😉

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